Drop-Off Check List

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Drop-Off Check List
New things to consider: Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors(TPMS) are now mandatory on most new vehicles. You may have heard about these sensors, but you may not be aware of how they will impact you. Any time you change, or even rotate tires, the TPMS system is impacted. Each tire has a sensor inside which provides information to the vehicles computer. These sensors can fail and are more prone to failure whenever a tire is deflated or removed from the rim. You should be aware of the possibility of a sensor failure and the potential additional charge of sensor replacement. There is no way of knowing when or why a sensor will fail. Just be aware that it could happen.

Before you drop off your vehicle, please remember the following:

  • Please provide the lug nut lock key if you have locking lug nuts.

  • If we are changing tires, do you want the raised white letters in or out? (Not all new tires have raised white letters.)

  • If you have a locking gas cap and we need access, please provide the key.

  • If the vehicle has an alarm system, please make sure either it is turned off, or we have the code or key.

  • If you lock your vehicle when you drop it off, please make sure we have the door key.

  • Please make sure that there is gas in the vehicle if we need to test drive it. We test drive 99% of all vehicles.

  • Please make sure we have a phone number where you can be reached.

  • We are happy to accept credit cards over the phone to allow you to pick up your vehicle after hours.

These may seem like common sense items, but when you are in a hurry in the morning before you drop-off the vehicle, it is easy to forget something.

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